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Safety Devices for Automatic Gates

WBAND Wireless Contact for Safety Edge

Safety Edge System - WBAND Wireless Contact for Safety Edge

A system consisting of a transmitter connected to the security band and a receiver connected to the motor controller. The communication is done via radio using the 868 MHz frequency.
Status test is done constantly in real-time in all the system's devices, detecting any incorrect behaviour in the transmitters immediately. The radio link is bidirectional and the range level is constantly monitored.
This system can be used with any gate with resistive security band. Each receiver can register up to 6 WBAND TX transmitters and activate simultaneously all of them.

Wireless photoeye SMINN FC 330

Wireless photoeye SMINN FC 330

Easy installation:
Its orientable lens that can be rotated in 180º over the X axis and support of battery or multi-voltage 12/24V AC/DC as power input makes for easier and more comfortable installation.

Double range:
SMINN synchronized light barriers allow the installer to choose easily between 50 and 100 feet ranges (15 and 30 meters).

Great durability:
Remarkably resistant casing thanks to its polycarbonate front. High resistance to the alterations caused by sun rays.

Different uses:
It is designed with residential, industrial and commercial environments in mind.

Safety Photoeye SEA SUNSET

Safety Photoeye SEA SUNSET

10 meter range.
Innovative design.
high resistance box.
Weatherproof box.
To use with PILAR series columns.
FOTO BAT photocell with battery (wireless).
Surface photocells.



Single channel inductive loop detector. The use of microprocessor and surface mount technology enables a large number of functions to be incorporated into a small package. compatible with most single channel detectors on the market and is easy to set-up and install.
Typical applications in the parking and access control environments are safety loops, arming loops and entry or exit loops.

EMX ULTRA-II Loop Detector

EMX ULTRA-II Loop Detector

ULTRAMETERâ„¢ (displays optimum sensitivity setting / crosstalk interference).
Frequency count/reset switch.
10 sensitivity settings.
Loop diagnostics.
4 operating frequencies.
Lightning and surge protection.
Loop fail output.
Frequency counter and filter.
ASB (Automatic Sensitivity Boost).

EMX LITE Preformed Loop

EMX LITE Preformed Loop

Constructed of stranded wire conductors with XLP thermoplastic elastomer insulation jacketing.
Outer-shell is flexible nonmetallic 0.26" tubing.
50 feet of twisted and jacketed lead-in wire.
Loop dimensions: 4'x6' to 4'x12' standard