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Cellular opening and monitoring system

CELLGATE Smart Gate - SG302G

CELLGATE Smart Gate - SG302G

SG302G is a smart gate control system in a small size dedicated to gate control. it is based on GSM cellular network, SG302G controls the gate by receiving Caller ID from the calling Party.

The way it works is:
Once a phone call is made to the unit it checks if the calling number is listed in an authorized callers list. If the number is listed the unit checks for more parameters, for example time frame allowed, then it opens the gate / barrier / electric door by sending a pulse to the SSR (solid state relay) with a configured length (length can be changed in unit setup).
- There are no call costs as all incoming calls are rejected (authorized and unauthorized).

Features and Advantages:
Allows controlling the system via website - Device configuration can be done easily through our web configuration interface (requires user and password), you can control the unit with your smart phone or computer.
Smart Gate App - allows opening our gate automatically without having to dial a phone number.
Automatic mode - The unit learns the number list automatically
Via SMS - using special configuration commands.
No call charges.
Optical Relay for Long life time - High reliability, No moving parts.
Up to 12,000 authorized users.
Can use prepaid sim card with no credit (no monthly charge).
Can be operated from anywhere, no distance limit.
Logging more than 1000 incoming numbers.
Operating Power 6-30VDC or 5-24VAC.
Very small physical size - Dimensions 70x50x20.5mm.
3 led for signal level and 1 led for network status.
Relay pulse width can be programmed.

GSM8: Cellular Monitoring System.

GSM8: Cellular Monitoring System.

Perfect for monitoring Water flooding wirelessly from the field to your cell phone!

This smart technology monitoring and control system will wirelessly monitor and alert anything you connect to it such as temperature, humidity, smoke or heat detectors, water flooding, driveway gates, motion sensors, etc. so that you may take action immediately simply by replying to a text message with a directive like turn the water off, turn on the lights, etc.

This system can alert ten different users and is perfect for monitoring commercial and residential building utilities and security, supermarkets (i.e. monitoring fridge temperatures), warehouse systems, and for agricultural use on farms.